Help How can I adopt a used book?

A book adoption is when you request a used book from someone and just pay for them to sent it to you in the post.

Interested in the back story? Click here to find out more why I started this website.

Using the site should be fairly straight forward. I will try and offer support to the best of my abilities, but keep in mind this website is a free service I provide as a hobby.

How does it work?

A book adoption consists of a few steps:

  • The owner adds book they want to offer for adoption.
  • You can request a book for adoption (one at a time).
  • Once they accept, you send the postage via PayPal.
  • The owner sends the book to you.
  • The adoption is complete. 🥳

What countries are supported?

Requesting books is currently only available in Germany and Austria, but you can create an account and state your country. With time if there is enough interest support for other countries may be added.

It's cheapest to request books from your own country, but the site does support sending from Austria to Germany and vice versa. But costs quickly go up and it may not be worth it if the cost of postage is more than buying the book from your local book shop.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much will the postage be? That depends on the width of the book spine and the weight. We've compiled the current cheapest pricing for sending books through German and Austrian Post and when you request that will automatically be set based on the book size and weight. (The owner cannot set the price themselves and there is no profit on the book itself, you only cover the postage.)
  • What guarantee do I get the owner will send me the book? None. The service is provided without guarantee and the exchange is based on the honour system. But to be honest the risk is minimal, since you're only sending a couple of Euros to someone. I will try my best to keep bad actors off the platform.