Welcome The idea behind BookAdoption

Alex Duggleby - Creator of BookAdoption I'm Alex, creator of BookAdoption and I love books. Probably more accurate is to say I have a healthy addiction to them. In an effort to not have an ever expanding library of books I created this simple second hand book exchange in early 2021.

The principle is simple. You list any books you've read and don't want to keep. Other readers request them and pay you the postage via PayPal. The you pop the book in an envelope and send it to them. That's a book adoption.

Vice versa you can then request books from others and keep the cycle going.

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It's for English Readers in Non-English speaking Countries

If you want to save money and space on books you'd usually turn to a library. After all that's a service they have offered for ages. But in Non-English speaking countries you're often left with a limited selection of English books. Especially newer ones are hard to get and there aren't that many copies.

BookAdoption is a different solution but with a similar effect. It's a passion and hobby project of mine, so it's free to find, request and send books - you only pay the current owner directly for the postage - and I hope over time we can get together a small community of readers with a regular exchange of books.